Thursday, December 29, 2011

Masturbate Longest Duration of the Competition as Won by Japanese Guy

In the past there vagina the most beautiful competition, this time a strange competition was held again in the United States. Man from Japan won the competition with a time of masturbation longest nine hours 33 minutes, breaking the record of its own in the past year.

Is Masanobu Sato, a Japanese man who won the annual competition called San Francisco's Masturbate a Thon. As quoted from SF Weekly, Sato longer able to masturbate 25 minutes from the record that was recorded last year in the same competition. Sato who a sex toy factory worker is named Tenga dismissed the notion that the Japanese people he supposedly said 'quick exit'.

When interviewed after the competition, Sato said the key to victory winning the competition masturbation is a lot of imagination. Then a lot of practice after winning the same competition last year, such as swimming twice a week. He said the exercise helped improve stamina. "I also thank the Tenga, where I worked, which gave me the ideal time to masturbate as long as possible," said Sato.

Sato said he has 10 different ways so that his penis is not rapid ejaculation. According to Japanese porn films very quickly helped him to not ejaculate because it can continue to imagine. "I am very tired after the game. As a result I could not get up on time the next day when I have to go to the airport to return to Japan. Fortunately, I did not miss the plane," he said.

He said that both the family and girlfriend support the 'achievement' is. He said his family was proud since his victory last year. "I think they are really happy to hear when I say that I can defend the world champion and record my own, longer 25 minutes," he said.

Sato was now thinking of going to Copenhagen, following the same competition. According to the competition in Copenhagen masturbation is a good idea to compete with the champions from other states.

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