Friday, January 6, 2012

Bed Activity for Good at Gym

Close relationship between the bench at the gym and the bed in our bedroom. Both as vessel-related interplay. The more active we are tightening the muscles in the gym, activity is also increasingly active on the bed. And vice versa. Only the myth that sex will loosen muscles and make us sluggish.

What connects the bed and bench gym? The hormone testosterone. Yes, this is the bridge that makes the two activities that could affect each other. This is a virility hormone affected by exercise and sex.

During this time, we understand, the hormone testosterone is much related to sex. That is, when these hormones are high, too high sexual arousal. In contrast, when the hormone testosterone began to decrease, either due to age or disease, then sexual arousal was slumped drastically. Usually, if it is sagging, the doctor suggested hormone replacement injections.

But hormone replacement is not the only way to increase testosterone. There are other, more healthful: lifting weights. Yes, when the man doing weight training, the level of testosterone in his body will be soaring high. But, do not be too hard, because of excessive exercise (overstrain) will cause the body was limp and decreased testosterone.

But, conversely, do not also exercise too lightly. Lifting weights who carelessly will not affect anything on the production of this hormone. To lure him to produce, we must lift the load up to the limit. Heavy loads are the key. So, we should be in the middle between undertrain and overtrain. Remember birthdays, too. Weight training over 40 years had an impact too-unless you have been accustomed to weight training since the age of 20.

In addition to weight lifting, squats exercises are also believed to increase testosterone. Actually, this is no different with weight training, we only use your own body to train the hip and thigh muscles.

Starting from the bed
Many people are so focused on training in the gym to reduce the activity of the bed. The assumption, if the energy was drained by sexual activity, then the exercises in the fitness center will be reduced. This is wrong. The opposite is true: an active sex will help the formation of muscle. How so?

Again, this is about the hormone testosterone. At orgasm, the brain hormone testosterone order to spread to all parts of the body through the bloodstream. The release is what makes us relieved after sex. Well, the more hormone testosterone, which is divided into the entire body, the more productive the formation of muscle tissue.

Directly after the sex is very good exercise. But not everyone can do it. There is an increasingly stronger after sex, there is a need to rest a few hours. And vice versa.

If you do have stressed that no desire to touch the bed, please practice first. Many people can relax stress by exercise. Well, so the stress is reduced, the new libido would dare to appear.

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